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Renting long-term to families

The long-term rental market is booming here on the Costa del Sol, with demand outpacing supply. If you’re looking to rent out your property long-term, the family market is a very good one to target. This is because they tend to stay for a predictable amount of time, as they are bound by school years, […]

Rental returns for Costa del Sol properties

Spain is a very popular destination for expats to buy investment properties, second homes, or as a place to retire, with 35% of buyers considering buying in Spain according to an article in The Telegraph. In the same report, it states that these properties can be an excellent source of income due its popularity as […]

Increase in Spanish Tourism Rates on the Costa del Sol

According to the National Institute of statistics (INE), tourism figures from the month of May show that the Costa del Sol is recovering as a holiday destination for the Spanish, with domestic tourist figures increasing by 20.6%. The positive figures coincide with the launch of recent campaigns by the Junta de Andalucía and the central […]

Spain’s progress out of recession

There’s bad news wherever you look when it comes to the state of the Spanish economy, yet according to Prime  Minister Mariano Rajoy things are moving in the right direction and the government’s policies are having an effect and decreasing deficit and lowering inflation. Let’s hope his assertions are true! It has been reported that […]

Make Extra Income From Your Spanish Property

This year, HomeCareontheWeb.com has seen a surge in home owners wishing to make some extra cash from renting out their properties in Spain. Being a landlord comes with many benefits and doesn’t have to be any stress or hard work at all with the right property management company. So it’s no surprise given this economic […]

Top tips for increasing your rental bookings

Many home owners in Spain are choosing to rent out their properties for long-term rental, and shorter holiday lets. This is a great way to help keep up with the mortgage and other costs. However, with hundreds of villas and apartments up for rental, how can you make your property stands out from the rest […]

Marbella being promoted as Madrid’s beach

Great news for home owners on the Costa del Sol looking to generate rental income! Marbella Town Hall has signed an agreement with Madrid’s Tourism Promotion Board to designate Marbella as the supplier of cultural leisure and tourism for the capital in the areas of sun and beach, golf, rest and health. This will give […]

Renting your Costa del Sol Property at Easter

Easter is a very popular time to visit Spain as you can really experience the catholic culture with daily processions through the streets. The weather normally turns a corner as well and becomes warm enough to spend the day on the beach and the many beachside restaurants reopen.  It feels like the Costa del Sol […]