Monthly Archives: May 2010

Changes to the rules of Spanish ITV (MOT)

If you own a car in Spain it will need to pass the Spanish equivalent of the MOT, called ITV. New cars must have their ITV four years after purchase and then every two years. Cars older than ten years must have their ITV every year. If you haven’t had an ITV before it can be […]

Marbella sees increase in tourism in the first quarter

Positive signs for Marbella were announced by the councillor for tourism at the end of April, which should please property owners looking to rent their property as well as businesses relying on tourist income. The data revealed a 16 percent increase in tourist numbers recorded in the first quarter of this year (March 2010) compared to the same […]

What to do with unwanted furniture in Fuengirola

Did you know that half of the littering fines issued in Fuengirola are due to people dumping unwanted furniture in the street? Plus fines can be hefty from 300 to 1,500€! Many people just leave their furniture by the bins and expect it to be picked up, which causes a big problem for the local authorities, […]

The bright side of the long winter

It’s been a cold, wet and windy winter on the Costa del Sol and unfortunately many properties have been damaged by the weather with flooding and damp being the biggest culprits. Please let us know if you have any concerns about property maintenance Costa del Sol and we can inspect your property on your behalf […]