Monthly Archives: February 2010

New terminal at Malaga Airport put to the test

Last week the new Malaga Airport terminal received it’s first visitors in the form of volunteers testing the procedures and bringing to light any problems before it officially opens. They tested the check-in procedures, display screens and security proir to the opening on the 15th March. The huge new terminal and runways will mean that the airport has capacity […]

Renting your Costa del Sol Property at Easter

Easter is a very popular time to visit Spain as you can really experience the catholic culture with daily processions through the streets. The weather normally turns a corner as well and becomes warm enough to spend the day on the beach and the many beachside restaurants reopen.  It feels like the Costa del Sol […]

Upgrade to digital TV now

As of 15th December 2009, analogue television signals are not broadcast in Spain. This means that anybody that has a television set that is not equipped for digital (TDT as it is known in Spain) will be unable to receive Spanish channels. Most televisions sold over the last few years will be able to receive digital […]

Reduce electricity bills by controlling your air conditioning units

One thing guaranteed to drive your electricity bill sky high is air conditioning units left on when not really required, particularly by holiday guests. Most guests are more concerned with enjoying their holiday than worrying about turning the air conditioning off before they go out, so units are often left running for the duration of […]