Monthly Archives: October 2009

Renting out your property FAQ

We know it is a big decision, deciding if you want to rent out your Spanish property and if so what is the best way to go about it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! For many years we have been managing people’s properties and working with them to generate rental income. With all this experience, we […]

Golf Courses join forces with the council to promote themselves

There are over 60 golf courses along the Costa del Sol, giving it one of the highest densities of courses in the World! Costa del Sol golf is already a big draw for tourists, given the variety of courses, the small distances to travel between each course and of course the great weather throughout the year. However, courses […]

Download our free guides

Our free download guides are a really useful resource for anyone owning a property in Spain. We have three in-depth guides on our website for you to choose from: Top Tips for Finding Good Property Management – We know that choosing a property management company in Spain can be a difficult process, so we have […]

Malaga Airport News

Malaga Airport is a hugely popular and busy airports welcoming over 12 million passengers a year to the region. Many of these tourists are heading to the Costa del Sol and the relatively modest airport has been struggling to handle them. For this reason a huge expansion is under way which will triple the airport’s […]

Partner with us and earn extra income

We are always looking for motivated individuals, companies and media sources to become our associates. Our Associate Referral Scheme provides you with the chance of earning money simply by referring people to us who may be interested in our Property Management, Holiday Rental and Long-term Rental services – a potentially lucrative additional income source. You’ll […]

Visit our ‘new look’ website

We are proud to present our brand new design website all about Property management on the Costa del Sol. The website has been redesigned to make it easier to use for all our clients and visitors. We found that people were struggling to find some of the useful information which we have built up over […]

Property Management Spain – The Importance of Cleaning Case Study

It’s perfectly understandable that people want to try and save money during the current crisis, but there are times when it is really foolhardy to cut back on a vital service which can lead to unpleasant consequences if it is not carried out, as one owner had found out to their cost. At we […]