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Who won our free prize draw?

Find out who won 5 free nights of luxury accommodation during the Volvo World MatchPlay Championships in Spain this fall…

Is it really all doom and gloom for the Costa del Sol holiday rentals market?

The newspapers are reporting doom and gloom in the Costa del Sol holiday rentals market. But is it really true? Not if our holiday rental bookings are anything to go by…

Thinking about renting out your Costa del Sol property long-term?

Here’s an interesting question – what should you do if you’re thinking about renting out your Costa del Sol property long-term but are worried about the problems you might face, like the tenants stopping paying the rent or not vacating at the end of the tenancy?

Why do you need a management company if you have a long-term tenant in your Costa del Sol property?

You desperately need help covering the running costs of your vacant property on the Costa del Sol.
The rental agent you contacted last month called a few days ago to say they’ve found you a long-term tenant. You and your new tenant have signed the rental contract the agency organised, you’ve paid the one-off fee upfront fee the agent asked for. The tenant has paid a deposit and they seem nice and trustworthy. What could possibly go wrong now…?

What to do if your rental agent is cheating you

When we arrived at our apartment recently we found it hadn’t been cleaned and even looked as if someone had been staying in it, although the management agent denied this when we asked him. What can we do to prevent this happening in the future!…

Technology and hands-on service working in perfect harmony

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy as bees actively implementing new Internet technology not only to automate many of our previously labour-intensive procedures, but also to improve our service to our owners and tenants.

Want to rent out your Costa del Sol property? Try a spot of D-I-Y Marketing

If you’re thinking about renting out your property on the Costa del Sol for holiday rentals, might we suggest a spot of D-I-Y marketing. After all, great sources of bookings can be friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours…

Renting your property out to holidaymakers

With many Costa del Sol property owners now looking at ways to help with the operating costs of their property, holiday and long term rentals are a hot topic at the moment. So, if you want to use your Spanish home during certain times of the year and earn rental income the rest of the time when it’s empty, today’s post is especially for you.

Help transferring money to Spain

Yep, there’s no doubt about it that times are tough economically, and the current Pound-to-Euro exchange rate is adversely affecting many of you who pay bills and transfer other regular payments to Spain from your UK bank accounts. So here at HomeCareontheWeb, we’ve partnered with a company called MoneyCorp to save you significant amounts of […]

Help if you’ve bought off-plan on Spain’s Costa del Sol

After the initial excitement of buying an off-plan property in Spain, the construction of your dream home might not run quite as smoothly as you’d imagined. Buying off-plan in any foreign country can be a stressful experience, especially when dealing with developers and trying to ensure their work meets the specifications you’ve paid for – even more so if you’re based abroad and don’t speak the lingo…