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Topics related to the maintenance of property on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Promoting the Costa del Sol to boost tourism

If you own a Costa del Sol property and you rely on holiday rentals to generate income, you will be pleased to hear that the local authorities are working hard to promote the Costa del Sol and expand the tourism sector. It would be easy to rest on its laurels, as one of Europe’s most […]

Make your New Year’s resolution to improve your property

It’s the New Year, so let’s get ready for a great 2015 full of holiday rentals! As we mentioned in last month’s post on painting your property that’s a great way to refresh your property. As well as the paint work, there are a number of things to look at to make sure everything is ready […]

Floods in the Malaga Province

Following the torrential rain in the Malaga province last week, many home owners who may only visit their properties during the summer, are wondering whether their holiday homes have been affected by any flooding, leaks or water damage. If you are not able to visit the property to check everything over yourself, it’s essential to […]

Great News for the Costa del Sol

Malaga airport has reported that 1.5 million passengers passed through the airport in July, a 0.3% rise compared to the same time last year, with most of these coming  from the UK, France and Germany. This is a very positive sign considering the number of flights to Malaga has dropped by 4.5% this year, showing […]

Looking after your swimming pool on the Costa del Sol

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool at your property on the Costa del Sol, you will know it requires regular maintenance to keep it clean and free of algae or other nasty surprises. If you use your property for long or short term rentals, keeping your pool […]

Furnishing your Spanish Property

If you own a property in Spain and want to make an extra income from renting your property out, you will know it’s more important than ever to make your property stand out from the rest if you want to be a successful landlord. The first thing people look at when searching for properties is […]

When it rains in Spain…

The Costa del Sol is known for being a year round sunny destination, however it doesn’t always escape the wet weather especially during the winter months! A spot of rain will be welcomed by the locals who work hard to keep the land and crops nourished, but it’s the last thing holiday makers want! If […]

Looking after your palm trees

If you own a property with a garden in Spain, you may have heard about the damage to palm trees all over the country caused by red weevils and palm moths. This has cost millions of euros in damage and is continuing to effect our beautiful palm trees year after year. These relentless pests are literally […]

Preparing Your Property for Winter Rentals

Now the summer period is over, the cooler weather has kicked in and the rain has made an appearance more than once. Unfortunately, the majority of Spanish properties are not built for winter weather, and the effects can be really noticeable to current and future tenants. If you are planning to rent out your Spanish […]

Making the most of your Spanish garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden with your property in Spain, you will know how much care it needs especially during those summer months. Beautiful plants and flowers are an asset to anyone’s property but sometimes tricky to maintain, especially if you are not there all of the time. Even window and […]